Combining the very best in sport science with the art of coaching, we are re-humanizing the sporting landscape and directly confront the ill effects of early sport specialization, sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition.

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Through the systematic and sequential development of all essential qualities, we overcome the limitations of early specialization, commercialization and digitalization in modern sports.

Performance Training

Private Coaching

Testing & Assessment

Nutrition Coaching

Enhanced Recovery

Mindset Formation

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Performance Training

You will know a Proteus Athlete when you see one.

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Our system is designed to meet the ultimate demands to excel in every sport, with a balanced development of all components of physical and mental performance. We avoid the trap of training gimmicks, perceived short-cuts and immediate gratification by using a sequential step-by-step process that results in a much higher level of consistent athletic achievement. Through a close personal relationship, our athletes are developed and empowered over time with the same methods, programs and protocols that have produced the very best athletes in the world.

Private Training

One-on-one personalized trainings.

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Our individualized private training and performance coaching are specifically designed to attack individual limitations in order to unlock major upgrades to performance capacity in the most efficient manner.

Private training is not a replacement for the high impact of our group training experience, but most beneficial for older athletes with more limited schedules and specific objectives.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is just as important to enhancing performance, injury prevention and competitive readiness as the training.

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Our athletes and their families are coached to make optimal nutrition choices that enhance development, recovery and performance at an early age. Food is medicine, or food is poison. There is no middle ground. We personalize nutrition to the unique demands and priorities of each athlete, and to accelerate health, recovery and longevity. Athletes and families who neglect this essential part of their life will fall short of their ultimate potential.

Testing & Assessment

You cannot change what you do not measure.

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You cannot change what you do not measure. 

We are intentional about testing all of our athletes periodically and tracking their progress over time.  We also use testing data to prioritize and optimize training programs, provide accountability to the development process and identify limitations and imbalances that must be eradicated to prevent injury.

Team-wide testing and assessment events empower coaches with actionable information toward the development, performance capacity and readiness of their teams.  These events should be held periodically throughout the year for those teams truly committed to long-term development.

Speed Testing

  • 10-yard Sprint
  • 40-yard Sprint
  • 5-10-5 Agility Shuttle
  • Standing Vertical Leap
  • Standing Broad Jump

Strength & Power Testing

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Press
  • Power Clean

Endurance Testing

  • Max Pull Ups
  • Max Push Ups
  • Beep Test
  • 3-min Shuttle

Biomarker Assessment

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Body Composition
  • Micro-Nutrient Levels
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Hormone, Metabolic & Cardiovascular
  • Neurological Efficiency

Mindset Formation

The mind is primary, and we instill a high performance mindset at the earliest possible age.

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The pedagogy of our training, with a premium placed on work capacity, produces a degree of mental toughness and warrior mindset that are nowhere to be found in youth or competitive sports nowadays. In addition, our weekly vignettes and Mindset Academy play unique roles in shaping the ideas, imagination and habits of mind for our athletes. We support this competitive mindset by reading books together, engaging in Socratic dialogue and upgrading our daily rituals and routines with journaling, self-talk and visualization skills.

Recovery Enhancement

We must ultimately train to recover, whether from sports and life.

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Our body is designed to protect us, and when we lack the preparation and support for high performance, our output will be limited. The athlete that recovers the fastest is always the best athlete. On top of specific training methods and optimal nutrition, we provide advanced breathing techniques and sleep hacking protocols that can dramatically enhance our daily recovery and readiness for more stress.

Family Health & Wellness

The family is the most important team of any athlete.

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We cannot facilitate the ultimate development of an athlete without the full support and collaboration of their family unit. We provide comprehensive and Health & Wellness Coaching to empower our families to create a culture of high performance in their homes through their own system of nutrition, movement, recovery and wellness. The sooner in the process that we unite the family around this noble purpose, the more profound and lasting the results.

Advanced Physical Therapy

Remove interference, and let the body heal itself.

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We are San Diego’s leading provider of the ARP Wave System.

The ARP Wave is the technology and therapy system of choice for the world’s most elite athletes, across every major sport, and facilitates the most rapid healing and rehabilitation of soft tissue pain and injury.

This FDA-approved system taps into the neurological origin of pain and injury to dramatically accelerate the body’s innate healing power, eliminate the root cause of pain or injury and quickly prepare the body to perform at a much higher level than before pain or injury occurred.

Treat the cause and the symptoms of pain and injury quickly disappear. 

Conventional physical therapy treats the symptoms of your pain or injury, and wants you to feel better.

The ARP Wave system eliminates the cause of your pain or injury so that you can perform better.

From rapidly healing sprains, bone fractures and partial tears, to a much faster and complete ACL rehab or the outright prevention of Tommy John surgery, the ARP Wave is a game changer for competitive athletes of any age or sport.

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