College & Elite Athletes (ages 18+)

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Group Training (May-August)

90 minute Sessions

10:00am | Monday – Friday

11:30am | Saturday

At this stage of development, athletes typically specialize in a single sport, and even a single position within that sport.  We simply focus our training and development during the summer months on maximizing the qualities for elite performance in their particular sport and position.

We first address and attack individual limitations, including the rehabilitation of any recent or lingering injuries that will impede training and performance.  We also optimize strength, speed and energy systems for their respective sport and position so that gains occur in the most efficient manner with the least amount of cost.

Athletes train privately or in a small group setting, and will also receive personal coaching and mentorship in the way of nutrition, recovery, mindset formation and the establishment of high performance rituals and routines that will further enhance performance, prevent injury and ready them for competition.

  • Optimize Strength, Speed & Endurance
  • Attack Individual Limitations
  • Upgrade Nutrition, Sleep and Recovery
  • Mindset Formation
  • Leadership Skills