High School Athletes (ages 14-18)

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Group Training

90 minute Sessions

6:00pm | Monday – Thursday

5:00pm | Friday

11:30am | Saturday

Our “Competitive Athlete” Program for high school athletes is the “proving ground” for athletic development, designed to put the finishing touches on preparing them to thrive in the biggest arenas.

Athletes who committed to the process early on will thrive in competition, and compound their years of sequential progress into an opportunity to play at the next level.  For athletes just starting the process of training and development at this age, the highest priority must be given to strength training and the expansion of their work capacity.

Nutrition, sleep, relationships and technology all play a vital role in recovery and readiness to compete at this stage of development.

We expect our athletes to be stronger, faster and better-conditioned than the typical high school athlete at this stage, while also displaying true mental toughness and a desire to compete under any conditions.

  • Strength, Speed & Power Development
  • Enhanced Recovery & Support
  • Attack Individual Limitations
  • High Performance Lifestyle (“train, eat, sleep, compete, recover, repeat”)
  • Next Level Readiness