Middle School Athletes (ages 12-14)

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Group Training

60 minute Sessions

5:00pm | Monday – Friday

10:30am | Saturday

Our “Emerging Athlete” Program for middle school-aged athletes leverages the foundation established in the prior stage of development to facilitate the rapid expansion of physical capacity and mental fortitude.

As their bodies are more receptive to adaptation, we increase the intensity, complexity and specificity of training by introducing barbell strength training, linear speed development and more explosive, compound movements.

Athletes who consistently engage in our system at this stage of development will experience significant improvements in their strength, speed, agility, power and endurance.

Prioritization of training, nutrition and recovery also help prevent injury, burnout or psychological fatigue that can result from early sport specialization.

As bodies are growing rapidly and social identities being formed, we are relentless about graduating a well-developed, well-prepared high school athlete for the next stage of their journey in competitive sports.

  • Strength & Power Development
  • Increased Work Capacity
  • Biomechanics & Speed Training
  • Mindset Formation
  • Mentorship in High Performance