Youth Athletes (ages 8-11)

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Group Training

60 Minute Sessions

4:00pm | Monday – Friday

9:30am | Saturday

Our Youth Athlete Program is uniquely designed to establish a solid foundation for long-term athletic development.

We utilize the most proven methods for establishing early-stage physical fitness, motor skills and athleticism, while having fun, being a great teammate and building self-confidence are top priorities.

Training sessions are challenging and progressive, led by a team of experienced Performance Coaches, integrating a Movement Skill, Strength Development and Work Capacity protocols.

We are equally intentional about cultivating knowledge and desire for self-discipline outside of training in key areas such as character, nutrition, sleep, technology and personal relationships.

  • Movement Skill & Efficiency
  • Strength, Balance & Coordination
  • Speed & Multi-Directional Basics
  • Develop Work Capacity
  • Confidence & Self-Awareness