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We provide the ultimate experience for those athletes who truly want to upgrade their performance capacity and readiness to compete, under any conditions.

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Through the systematic and sequential development of all essential qualities, we overcome the limitations of early specialization, commercialization and digitalization in modern sports.

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What People Are Saying

“Training here is physically challenging, but it’s also fun. The environment the coaches have created for us helps us thrive as young athletes. The strength and mental power I gain has helped me perform far better than I had prior to training here.”

Mikaila D.Age 15

“PROTEUS has had a huge impact on my game and personal life. Since coming here, I have become quicker, faster and more explosive on the field. Off the field, my eating habits and day-to-day routines have changed drastically and made me a healthier and more effective student-athlete. Most of all, the staff here genuinely cares about every athlete and wants to see them reach their goals.”

Walter W.Age 18

“The training here has impacted me massively. In my first professional off-season, they prepared me to get to new a club and compete for the starting spot there, which I won in a week. I was mentally more prepared, and physically I felt as if I were a lion among sheep. I felt faster, stronger and fitter. My thinking and decision-making were faster, and my reflexes were sharper. I now had a plan of attack to accomplish my goal of thriving at the highest levels of professional soccer.”

Ramón M.Age 22

“PROTEUS took everything into account when working with me; from cleaning up my eating habits, improving my sleep and working to gain my strength back after my surgeries. I am currently in the best shape of my life and back to being me...flying, and training for triathlons. PROTEUS has been a huge blessing in my life.”

Kris U.US Navy Pilot/Tri-Athlete

“Since training here for the past 18 months, the difference has been tremendous. My son has more confidence, strength and pride that he did not have before. As a multi-sport athlete, this system gives him a leg up on the competition.”

Brian U.Parent/Teacher/Coach

“We received so much more here for our son than just being a strong athlete. He mentally and physically handles challenges with poise and resilience. He has become a confident, driven, and focused young man that aspires to achieve his goals every day.”

Kevin A.Parent

“PROTEUS has changed how my son thinks about himself, his nutrition, his physical training, mental toughness and emotional well-being. It has taught him to think beyond himself and embrace a level of maturity beyond his age.”

Sheryl F.Parent

“We would definitely agree with other families that PROTEUS is the right choice. No regrets. They will see a positive and incredible transformation within months of training. We feel so lucky to have this close to us during theses important years of formation for our son.”

Patricia P.Parent

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