Advanced Testing & Analytics


According to Pearson’s Law, when performance is measured, it improves.

When it is measured and reported, it improves exponentially.

Testing athletes and presenting information is the precursor to change.  The more you test, the more inspired, driven and dedicated athletes become to improve.  


Individual Assessment

We constantly collect speed, agility, strength, power, endurance and body composition data to identify athlete limitations, prioritize improvement and measure progress. Direct, actionable information facilitates immediate performance and recovery upgrades, with the least amount of cost.

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Team Testing

We can literally test hundreds of athletes in a single day, with real-time, cloud-based reporting and analytics. We use the world's most accurate timing gates and jump mats to eliminate inconsistency and reporting bias in benchmarking and evaluating athletes for player development.


Advanced Analytics

We use the world’s leading GPS and athlete monitoring systems to empower coaches, players and teams with actionable data to optimize training, loading, recovery and game-day readiness.


Athlete Monitoring

We provide our athletes and teams with a customized, app-based athlete monitoring solution.  Track and measure testing data, manage daily wellness and recovery and message coaches and athletes to optimize practice load and performance readiness.


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