Enhanced Recovery & Rehabilitation

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You don't become stronger, faster or more resilient from training.

You become stronger, faster and more resilient by recovering from training.

Upgrading our ability to recover from training, competition or simply the demands of a full life well-lived, provides the requisite support for sustainable high performance.


Performance Nutrition

We empower our athletes, parents and coaches with the knowledge, planning, personalized coaching and supplementation protocols to optimize this key area of performance.  On top of sleep quality and proper breathing, nutrition is critical for health, growth and recovery, and essential for upgrading physical capacity and cognitive development.


Recovery Management

We use an arsenal of technology to efficiently capture and manage the recovery and readiness of athletes and teams.  From Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and GPS data, to daily wellness, recovery and RPE surveys, these tools enable coaches to us to adjust plans, programs and protocols to optimize results.


Healing is Voltage

We use the world's leading technology for the rapid elimination of pain and injury.  The ARP Wave System can quickly identify and attack causation at a neurological level, and dramatically enhance accelerate the body's innate healing power. 

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