Arp Wave

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We are San Diego’s leading provider of the ARP Wave System.

The ARP Wave is the technology and therapy system of choice for the world’s most elite athletes, across every major sport, and facilitates the most rapid healing and rehabilitation of soft tissue pain and injury.

This FDA-approved system taps into the neurological origin of pain and injury to dramatically accelerate the body’s innate healing power, eliminate the root cause of pain or injury and quickly prepare the body to perform at a much higher level than before pain or injury occurred.

Treat the cause and the symptoms of pain and injury quickly disappear. 

Conventional physical therapy treats the symptoms of your pain or injury, and wants you to feel better.

The ARP Wave system eliminates the cause of your pain or injury so that you can perform better.

From rapidly healing sprains, bone fractures and partial tears, to a much faster and complete ACL rehab or the outright prevention of Tommy John surgery, the ARP Wave is a game changer for competitive athletes of any age or sport.